Final Portfolio Format

1. Walk

Feburary 20th 2017

Video, One cut

2 Minutes 18 Seconds

2. Appropriation or Experience

April 12th 2017


3 Minutes 44 Seconds

I first was introduced to the topic of appropriation in Andrew Johnson’s 2D class. We were discussing Dana Schutz’s Emmett Till painting (Open Casket). This reminded me of Kate’s earlier video critique where a lot of people were offended that she was dealing with the issue of depression when she had not experienced it herself. While I agreed with some of the things said during critique, I wondered what is okay to express with a little bit of imagination and what is not okay. I wanted to deal with this vague line and decided to appropriate those who fast for a cause by fasting myself for three days. I was less intrigued by fasting itself than by the topic of appropriation, so I narrated the video comments using my own voice. Consistency in the quality of the video would have enhanced the work.

3. Stripper Clothes

Feburary 12th 2017

Video, Found Footage, 2 Minutes 58 Seconds

Comparing the clothes wear of strippers and other women in the same era from the 1955 to 2014, I wanted to play with the idea that strippers, whose job is to become nude, also have fashion, like other more mainstream fashion. The music is fastforwarded and it effectively leaves unnecessary words behind and listeners can only hear certain words such as “beautiful clothes,” “less,” and “women.” The last scene shows a current view of a street in New York. The street is full of stereotypical women icons that sexualize feminine qualities. Yet we see no one blatantly staring or pointing. This may be in contrast to the reaction that people might have to seeing an actual stripper. It’s interesting that we abuse the sexuality of women daily and still show considerable shock to people who have such jobs.

4. Stuff We Eat.

Sometimes we assume that the source of the food we consume are made entirely of natural or at least edible ingredients, and like to believe that the food is made in a sanitary environment. This is not always the case. An assembly line of processed food shows the process of a highly inedible chemical becoming products that we daily consume. While contents in the video are exaggerated, it is not entirely false that the actual products sometimes contain inedible and possible harmful ingredients.


5. Long Distance Relationships


6. Doggo


7. Sketch


8. Sharks Set Free


9. Sketch


10. Time Lapse


11. Sketch


12. Don’t tell her I smoke.


13. Sketch


14. Unconscious Wondering


15. Bus Map Around Pittsburgh



16. 1001 words-Laundry Room 2D figure description




17. Comfort Wall


18. Watercolor Still life


19. Sketch


20. 1001 words Rice Plantation (with Yixin)


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