Yelim Kim_Imaging_Final Portfolio

Title: 1001 Words
Jan 24 – March 28
Watercolor, Conte Crayon on Paper; Photoshop, Text 
Each image about 4″ x 6″


*A discovery and research of active and inactive parts of images. Each section of the image was determined as inactive or active in a spectrum and placed intentionally depending on the function of the image.*

Title: A One Night Stand
Jan 31
a one night stand.jpg

Title: Overwhelmed
March 9
Tea bags, Bed Sheets, White Clothing

video link: (thumbnail)
Screenshot (217)

Title: Transforming My Tattoo
April 8
Temporary Tattoo (Inkbox), Photoshop

Title: Display of Knots
May 8


Figure Drawings
Compressed Charcoal on Newsprint
24″ x 36″

Last Figure Drawing
Compressed Charcoal and Conte Crayon on Toned Pastel Paper
24″ x 18″




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