Sophia Cao_Imaging_Final Portfolio


Title: 1001 Words

Date: 1/24-3/28

Media: Digital/Photo/Code

Description: After receiving Sarita’s drawing of a peacock, I compared my original photo to hers digitally, pixel by pixel, via code. The first image is the original photo that I had described in the 1001 word description. The second is Sarita’s rendering. The last five are my various coded transformations of the two.


Title: Lump

Date: 1/31

Media: Charcoal powder and vine charcoal on paper

Dimensions: 18″ x 24″

Description: For this art piece I created marks using my body, specifically by dousing myself in pigment and pressing my fat rolls on the paper.


Title: The Coolest Dog

Date: 2/21

Media: Photoshop

Dimensions: 2000p x 1500p

Description: An attempt to make my dog cooler. It’s not credible at all, because she’s only a little cool. She’s not this cool.


Title: Dogragon

Date: 2/21

Media: Photoshop

Dimensions: 2000p x 1500p

Statement: This is not a credible image. In fact, it’s simply incredible. Just like my dog.


Title: Soft

Date: 2/21

Media: Photoshop

Dimensions: 2000p x 1500p

Statement: This is a faked image of my dog sleeping. It is not real, but one day it may as well be, because she sleeps all the time and in various places and positions.



Title: Concreep (playable here)

Date: 3/9

Media: Unity Web Player Game and Autodesk Maya

Statement: The discordant clutter of classroom chatter represented through game form. All quotes are actual things heard in Andrew Johnson’s classroom.


Title: Milk

Date: 3/9

Media: Digital Art

Dimensions: 2048px1024p

Statement: An idea of unity


Title: Hematoma (viewable here)

Date: 4/6

Media: My flesh, a shotglass, rubbing alcohol, cotton, chopsticks

Duration: 00:00:57

Description: Questionable medical practice performed by a questionably qualified student, in a futile attempt to cure a habit.


Title: The Period Cross

Date: 4/18

Media: Pads, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 2′ x 1.5′


Title: Flegg

Date: 5/9

Media: A raw egg, cardboard, papier-mâché (newspaper, flour, water), acrylic (paint and bottle), a roll of tape, egg carton cups, tape. cotton

Duration: 00:00:57

Description: I dropped my model of a maple seed off of a bridge. Watch it happen here, watch me dismantle the egg here.

Title: Various Figure Drawings (10)

Date: (throughout the year)

Media: Vine charcoal, compressed charcoal

Dimensions: 24″ x 36″ pr 36″ x 24″

Statement: A compilation of drawings I made during the figure drawing sessions throughout the semester in class.

Title: Various Sketchbook Details

Date: (throughout the year)

Media: Graphite pencil and eraser, occasionally marker

Dimensions: 11″ x 8.5″

Statement: A compilation of sketches made throughout this semester. Either for this class or not for a class.


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