Miranda Miller – Imaging Portfolio

bagged statues

Miranda Miller

Paper or Iconoclastic?

April 2017

plaster statues and paper bags

Each statue is approx. 5.5 – 7 feet tall

Duration: 4 hours

When physical representations are all that are left to remember one’s power and authority, how little does it take to obliterate it? An experiment to see if covering the heads of gods, emperors, and religious figures, takes away their authority and makes them little more than plaster casts.

1001 word project

Miranda Miller

1001 Word Project

January 2017

Digital Media

braillebraille full viewbraille earphones

Miranda Miller

Blind Pledge

March 2017

Paper and Audio

embossed paper :1ft. 9in. x 2ft. 6 in. 

Duration: 1 week

A visual and audial representation of “The Pledge of Allegiance” in Braille. The sound is based on the way Braille is read, left to right, with each dot having a corresponding note. This piece is a commentary on what we blindly accept. Mass repetition into melodic white noise.

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Miranda Miller

Credibly Posed

February 2017

Photograph and Digital Media

4 photos in the slideshow

tattoo project

Miranda Miller

Internal Tattoos

April 2017

Photography, Ink, and Digital Media

3ft. x 3 ft. 4 in.

Illustrative tattoos that bring people’s specific medical histories and internal marks of injuries, procedures, and conditions to the surface.

shattered plates allshattered plates 3shattered plates 2shattered plate 1

Miranda Miller


March 2017

porcelain, ceramic, and wire

each plate is approx. 1 sq. ft.

figure 2 recliningfigure 1 scooter

Miranda Miller


April and February 2017

Charcoal and Chalk

#1: approx 2 ft. x 3.5 ft. #2: approx 2.5 ft. x 2 ft.

Miranda Miller

Chalked Up To

February 2017

Performance Piece, Chalk and Sheets

Duration: 12 hours

“You can choose work or sleep” is what students are often told. This piece is an experiment to accomplish both tasks, by using the body to create work as it sleeps. each section of the body was coated in a different color of chalk, before sleeping in studio until that morning’s class. The residual chalk pattern showed where the body had moved during the night by the mixing of colors.

Hic Sunt Dracones Image


Miranda Miller

Hic Sunt Dracones

May 2017

Graffiti and Digital Mapping

(see above definition) This map is a modern representation of this concept, by showcasing the foreign, taboo neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Many are judged by isolated events, such as violence, that occur in all neighborhoods but are used as excuse for prejudice. Each pinpoint shows where gun related deaths have occurred in these neighborhoods over the past two years. Each pinpoint has a corresponding “HIC SUNT DRACONES” graffiti tag, just like a cartographers mark.




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