Mairead Dambruch_Imaging Portfolio

My Hard drive broke twice this semester so a lot of the images that I would have documented just as digital files had to be replaced with pictures of the prints, since the files are gone.


Title: 121

Date: 1/31

Media: Video, Snot, Eyebrow hairs

Duration: 8:26 minutes

Statement: A recording of the ritual of plucking eyebrows. As I started plucking them, snot started coming out of my nose which I left throughout the video to show the bodily reactions to pain. The first image is a documentation shot of the 121 eyebrow hairs and snot that came out of my nose.

Title: Tinderbois : Troll Level ; Mild

Date: 2/9/17

Media: Photoshopped digital images, screen captures, Bumble dating app, Imgur

Dimensions: 3 credible interactions, dimensions of each image is 5.44 in. x 2.64 in. (Iphone 6 screen)

Statement: Using Bumble as my medium, I would take an image from users of the app that I had matched with. I would then take this image, bring it into photoshop, and put myself into the image. Upon sending it back to them, I would accompany the link to the image with a promiscuous message. I would then send it back to the user through Imgur with the account name “boyyouthought”. For this iteration of the project, I made these images credible and I kept the original responses of the users.

Title: Tinderbois: Troll Level; Expert

Date: 2/21/17

Media: Photoshopped digital images, screen captures, Bumble dating app, Imgur

Dimensions: 3 credible interactions, dimensions of each image is 5.44 in. x 2.64 in. (Iphone 6 screen)

Statement: I used the same process as my Tinderbois: Troll Level; Mild piece, however with this iteration I attempted to make the images that I altered less credible. I also changed the responses of some of the users.

IMG_2896 (1)


Title : 10 Commandments

Date: 4/18/17

Media: Pen and Ink on paper

Dimensions: 10 8″x4″ images

Statement: Taking the priest as the epitome of purity and sense, I depicted a priest breaking the ten commandments. In order for the priest and his aura of religious purity to be “killed”, in the images there is a person seeing these acts or taking a picture of them.


First attempt at Unified/Fragmented project

Title: Arisaig

Date: 3/9/17

Media: Photoshopped image using google maps and found imagery

Description: Inspired by the life and memories of my grandmother, who grew up and lived in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Having visited her there only in my adolescence, this is an attempt to create a physical image of my blurred memories. In this piece I am juxtaposing my own blurred memories from adolescence with images of brains that have dementia, which she suffered from. I also include found images of stories she told me, including when Queen Elizabeth visited the small town of Arisaig when she was a young girl.


(full image)



(Various detail shots)












Title: New Potatoes

Date: 3/9/17

Media: Collage using family photos, masking tape, ink, jesso, vodka



Inspired by an old family photo of my sister and I in front of a roadside stand in Nova Scotia that said “New Potatoes”.

New potatoes are essentially just normal potatoes but they have not gone through the curing process of normal potatoes. I’m using this term to describe Irish Americans. Having their origins in Ireland and coming to America, there is an expectation of hope and a new fresh start (“new” in new potatoes). However, there is a theme of rampant alcohol abuse among this demographic of Irish Americans. There is also a theme of emotional distance and covering of emotion in many Irish American families. In my family these are themes that are prevalent which have led to divorce, shunning, premature death and an inability to reach out to one another for help.

In my collage I utilized vodka to mix with ink. The vodka altered the images of my family. I also used masking tape and squares of jesso to emulate the covering and hiding of family secrets and emotions.


(full image)






Title: Mary and Child

Date: 3/9/17

Media: Photoshopped image of old family photos overlayed on found image of madonna and child


With the unified segment of the project, I was thinking about how we can visualize memories. Thinking of tapestries and quilts, I decided to utilize stained glass as a form of holding a mosaic of a lifetime of memories. This image is an ode to the life of my grandmother, who shares the name of Mary with the Madonna. I chose the image of the Madonna and Child because her life was always dedicated to putting others before her. I included images of her childhood in Nova Scotia, where being the eldest female meant caring for her 5 other siblings. I then also included images of her own 6 children that she cared for, as well as all of her 18 grandchildren.

This was inspired by an interaction I had with her where she was looking at an image of all her grandchildren and didn’t recognize them. So we went together through all of them and I told her their names and then she would remember.

This mosaic of images is an attempt to hold onto a life through images.


Title: Swipe

Date: 5/9/17

Media: Oil, Canvas, Phone, Tinder app, tripods and lights


With this piece, you are encouraged to interact and swipe through Tinder. While a viewer interacts with the piece, those who look at the interaction see another image (see image with Peter).

In this piece I was thinking about how as a generation we have become desensitized to many things due to being constantly surrounded by screens. We have become desensitized to life, and specifically sex through ease of access to porn. For our entire lives, if we’ve wanted something, we are able to get it almost instantly due to technology. This rings true for sex as well with the arrival of “dating” apps such as Tinder.

This ease of access leads to sex almost being a commodity, or something that has lost value due to the instant gratification of dating apps.

This piece recognizes that sex is becoming a less private moment with the lights shining on the piece and the viewer interacting with the phone.

It also acknowledges the loss of connectivity with sex through only depicting the woman through legs and her breasts – which are placeholders for whoever’s profile is on the app.


Title: Employee of the Month

part of 1001 words assignment

Date: 3/28/17

Media: Pen, Ink and Coffee on Paper


This piece acknowledges the indiscrepancies in the workplace where the white male is often the only one awknowledged for hard work and is able to rise in their workplace without the glass ceiling that women and minorities are often stopped by.





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