Sophia Qin Imaging Final Portfolio


Title: Behind Closed Doors

Date: February 2017

Medium: Ink, pen, watercolor, charcoal, cut brochure, string

Dimension: 30″ height, 40″  width

Description: Voyeurism in unexpected places and characters


Title: Is Everything Contained?

Date: February 2017

Medium: Pen

Dimension: 18 height, 24 width

Description: Exploration of voyeurism in different levels of private and public lives

eating sandwich

stool foot

gold club copy

Title: Regicide

Date: April 2017

Medium: Photography

Dimension: 11″ width, 8.5″ height

Description: Regicide is to kill a king or a queen, but it also means the dismantling of prevalent societal orders. These images show females taking revenge of the patriarchy

knife tattoo

tattoo legs

Title: “Stop” Tattoo

Date: April 2017

Medium: Custom tattoo graphics made in Photoshop, tattoo paper

Dimension: 8.5″ Height, 11″ Width

Description: Signages are design tools to communicate an idea. Like signages that tell you to stop, can they really make you stop? I designed this tattoo to represent the attempt and function to stop cutting, but the effectiveness of the tattoo is questionable


Title: Natural performative drawing

Date: January 2017

Medium: Cloth, berries, salad, orange peels, red string, stuffing, sewing

Dimension: 20″ height, 29″ width

Description: An experiment on different textures I could create with cloth and sewing techniques. I smashed berries, rubbed orange peels and salad leaves to create the natural dye, and sewed on the fabric

graduate harvard.png

Sophia Grad Change


Title: Credible/Incredible Series

Date: March 2017

Medium: Photoshop manipulation. Physical sculpture of tombstone plush created by me

Dimension: 11″ width, 8.5″ height

Description: (Top to bottom) I made my graduation pictures seem like they’re from Harvard. I changed my eyes to blue. The graveyard image of the plush show that couples go on dates in parks, but the relationships don’t last

suburb 3


Title: Life

Date: March 2016

Medium: Drawing, Photoshop

Dimension: 5″ height, 50″ width

Description: In its original form, this is a continuous scroll with no breaks. I am fascinated by the suburban life where everything is the same, and people live similar lives as if each person’s life is a template of time



Title: Figure Drawing Sessions (40 min each)
Date: April 2017
Dimension: 18″ height, 24″ width
Medium: Charcoal

Angela print

I posed as different stereotypes on Tinder, a dating app, to see what kinds of people and replies I would get. For this dating profile, I posed as a fetishized, cute, asian stereotype who is a 20 year old  college student at Duquesne University on my profile, and saw that I would attract many men sexually even though I am dressed like a child. I recorded the amounts of replies I got in a web to display my results.




selena print

For this, I dressed up as the sexy asian stereotype who is in Pitt as sociology major and saw what people would say. I got more responses and some pick-up lines involving caucasian men writing Chinese or talking about China. There were also more sexual comments.




Screenshot_20170515-004440      Screenshot_20170511-031507         Screenshot_20170511-031423

Megan print

The last profile I posed as was the Model Minority stereotype, a perfect Asian daughter who was a smart, ambitious, well-rounded, and a bit generic pre-med student at Columbia University who played the flute and piano. For Tinder (dating app), I noticed that I got less conversations matches from men and the comments were nicer. Also, generally the conversations were about my university or  how nice I looked with the flute and the piano. I conversed with someone and eventually confessed that this was an art project because it was the humane thing to say the truth and he seemed genuine, despite the parameters of my art experiment.


Title: Three Female Stereotypes for Dating: An Experiment

Date: May 2015

Dimension: 10″ height, 20″ width

Medium: Installation – Tinder (dating app) platform, Photoshop

Description:  I dressed up as different stereotypes for a dating app, to see the kinds of responses I would get from men. I swiped right (meaning ‘liking’ the person and waiting for a match) the same amount for all three of my stereotypes, and conversed with some men on all of my accounts. For the final project, I put three phones with my profiles on a pedestal and a graphic of my connections on the wall, asking people to interact with the profiles on the phones and directly seeing the results themselves



Title: Horror Game Backgrounds

Date: February – May 2017

Medium: Photoshop collage of photos, my sketchbook pages, and my charcoal drawings

Dimension: N/A

Description: (PERSONAL project) I worked on a horror game about a child’s journey from baby to adulthood to escape his abusive mother. As the background artist, I depicted the background to be abstract and surreal to show how fragmented and intense children can view the world when they are scared




DSC_0054organ doll

Title: Sketchbook Pages

Date: 2017

Medium: Pen/Pencil

Dimension: 8″ height, 10″ width

Description: Top three sketches to work through making backgrounds for the horror game, and the bottom sketch is about my thinking and making process for an educational doll that has a zipper in its back and has tiny dolls inside of it (PERSONAL project).


Title: Fried Egg

Date: February 2017

Medium: Photoshop, Physical Sculpture created by me (Slime, Paper Mache, Sewing)

Dimension: N/A

Description: (PERSONAL project) Fried egg of Humpty Dumpty



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