Adam Kor_Imaging_Final Portfolio


Title: Drawing Ritual

Date: 1/31

Media: Ink on paper

Dimension: 20″x20″, 3 pieces

Written Statement: a diary entry written 3 times on 3 pieces of paper with a prosthetic tool.

img004 (1).jpg

Along the Information Superhighway v1 Final.jpgAlong the Information Superhighway v2 Final.jpg

Title: Credible Image: “Along the ‘Information Superhighway'”

Date: 2/9

Media: Photoshop digital image

Dimension: 7″x5″, 3 pieces

Description: Digital manipulation of a found postcard from a library book. Playing with themes of time and dimension.

Uncanny v2.jpgUncanny v1.jpg

Title: Incredible Image: Mao

Date: 2/21

Media: Photoshop digital image

Dimension: 10″x5″, 2 pieces


Title:Imagining Images, Part I

Date: 1/24

Media: Photoshop digital image

Dimension: 16″X10″

Description: Image created based on 1001 word essay by Peter.

DSCN4793.JPGDSCN4796.JPGDSCN4799.JPGDSCN4800.JPGlibrary (1).jpglibrary (2).jpglibrary.jpg

Title: Imagining Images, Part II

Date: 3/28

Media: Installation, paper models, Blender distorted images

Description: Since the 1001 word essay written by Peter was based on his own imagination, I decided to create distorted 3D scans of the Photoshop image I created for Part I from a large projection and wrap them into paper spheres. These paper models are then stored in a mirror box that also reflects the written text itself.




Title: Tattoo

Date: 4/6

Media: Photograph; Photoshop manipulated image

Dimensions: 32″x50″; 10″x8″ (Foot); 12″x26″ (Arm)

Description: Unrolled images of body parts with scratch marks inscribed on skin in the duration of an hour.



Title: Regicide: Kennedy

Date: 4/18

Media: Manipulated film stills

Dimensions: 190″x6″

Description: Intrigued by the fact that the position of the camera that recorded JFK’s assassination was so close to the actually location of the shooter, I wanted to play with the idea of a “double-shooting” or “audience-as-shooter”. So I extracted 21 film stills at an interval of 9 frames and blacked everything out except a small circle on his head. The 21 frames were presented in one horizontal strip.


Title: Unified/Fragmented: Eyes, Part I

Date: 3/9

Media: Video installation

Duration: ~20 minutes

Description: Inspired by the ubiquity of surveillance in technology we use everyday, I employed the motif of the eye and recorded myself looking into the laptop camera lens. The video then got played back and recorded by the iPhone. With each recording loop the images became successively degraded, until there was nothing but splashes of colors. (shared video via email)


DSCN4734.JPGTitle: Unified/Fragmented: Eyes, Part II / Final Project

Date: 5/9

Media: Video installation

Duration: ~5 minutes

Description: Moving away from the focus on surveillance in Part I, I reworked the video content of Part I and compiled the 49 iterations into one screen (every blink triggers the appearance of a “new eye”, see video here). The compilation is then juxtaposed by another video projected on the adjacent wall. The content is essentially a stocktaking of found images from the internet related to a text that I recycled from different essays on the gaze and looking, narrated here in the form of a whisper (see essay: UnifiedFragmented Eyes, Part II, Essay and video shared via email).


Title: Figure Drawing Session I

Date: 1/24

Media: Charcoal on paper


Title: Figure Drawing Session II

Date: 3/23

Media: Charcoal on paper


Title: Figure Drawing Session III

Date: 4/?

Media: Charcoal on paper


Title: Sunday Figure Drawing

Media: Charcoal on paper


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