Yelim Kim – Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Guilty Pleasures (we secretly enjoy but claim to be embarrassed by):


When a pleasurable image lose its allure:

Social Media sites such as tumblr and instagram have made realistic drawings beautiful eyes kitsch. Anything similar is something to just brush off because of how much we are exposed to it.

Exposed things/images that lost their intended power:


The image itself holds an incredible amount of sorrow and happiness and a mixture of different amounts of emotion after a war. Now, it is a poster we see in a 13 year old’s bedroom, who most likely knows nothing about the intensity of the actual image.




Exposed images that gained force:

Famous- Kayne West ft. famous people eg. Rihanna, Taylor Swith, George Bush, Donald Trump, Kaitlyn Jenner, etc
The maker of this video really tried to make it the positions of the people natural, but there were some obvious mistakes (6:05 Taylor Swift has hair that defies gravity??, everyone’s hair is in perfect shape after an orgy??) throughout the video and even the still that’s above this description.
Nonetheless, it created a huge reaction in the media, whether it was people defending themselves or enjoying the attention.


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