The word “meme” became so widespread in a very unexpected way due to funny images and text.


An anthropomorphic frog from a comic series called “Boys’ Club” has gained wild, unexpected popularity among Internet users, and the frog now means a lot more than back in the day when it only existed in the cartoons.


imageThe iconic image of Marilyn Monroe that is assumed to be a scene from the movie “The Seven Year Itch” is so widespread and famous that the movie became so popular. However, only her ankles appear in the real movie and the image is just a random picture that was taken while the movie was being filmed. The persom who took it probably didn’t think this image would become so iconic.




Despite the absolutely horrendous state of malnutrition and emaciation that the child is experiencing, people in the western world have been exposed to so many of these images that they no longer have any power.

Gucci and Burberry employed too many retails through small and big companies and launched a lot of second brands like Gucci Plus that were cheeper in order to raise profit. However, this accessibility tarnished the prestige of these brands and dropped their brand values.


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