Cora Pleasure Principle

Social media platforms such as Buzzfeed pull in audiences with their clickbait strategies. But when an overload on their videos occurs, viewers (or at least me in my case) feel sick, a little depressed, and disconnected from their own lives. They’ve delved too deep into other people’s lives that they have lost their own.
For many people, popping pimples brings a sense of pleasure. It’s this release and achievement. Others however see the act is disgusting and look down on it. Similar to Buzzfeed videos, pimple popping videos can also be looked at for too long and leave the viewer feeling a bit unwell after devoting so much time to them.
Candy and sweets can be very pleasurable (to both look at and taste), but when there is a consumption overload, that sweetness goes foul—stomach ache arrives.
WWF and environmental ads about saving our planet and our endangered species are very powerful things that become even more impactful the longer they are looked at. While facts can have a major impact too, alarming images are what grab people’s attention the most.
This is a photo of the dress that went viral because many people could not agree on whether it was black and blue or white and gold. As a result of that widespread debate, it gained a lot of power, so much that many people will know what dress you’re talking about if you mention it’s the one that “broke the internet.”

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