Peter Sheehan – Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Guilty Pleasures and hidden enjoyable things:

  • An image from an academic article on Wikipedia about Chiaroscuro:
    • Erotica from an educational source
  • Image result for teennick
  • nick.PNG
    • People who sexualize actors on TeenNick (iCarly, Zoe101, the Amanda Show)
    • If you can’t see that YouTube Comment, it’s:
      • Latest News: no joke i had a friend that jacked off to teen nick (27 likes)
      • issaac bastian: You don’t? (3 likes)
      • Jay Lad: No joke you must be pretty fucking gay if you didn’t (4 likes)
      • Latest News: @isaac bastian No I use Pornhub or youporn, I dont really see the point of jacking off to teen nick
      • Latest News: @isaac bastian It’s just kinda fucking wierd, if you wanted to Beat your meat so fucking bad, why dont you just watch porn, not fucking kid shit (1 like)

Images that lose their intended power:

Image result for tijuana biblesImage result for tijuana bibles

  • Tijuana Bibles:
    • For the time, seen as highly alluring but extremely deviant. Log on to any pornographic site and you’ll see a lot more.
  • Once propaganda, this is now just another meme
    • Image result for i want you for us army
    • memes.PNG

Image result for mona lisa

  • The Mona Lisa, so popular, has been deconstructed  by Warhol, Duchamp, and Dali:
    • Image result for mona lisa warhol
      • (“She has a hot Ass”)
    • Image result for self portrait as mona lisa dali

Images that gained new force:

  • iCloud Leaks of Celebrity Photos:
    • August 31, 2014. 500 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly female, is released to image board 4chan and disseminated.
    • Nicknamed “The Fappening” by the internet community and the media, as a portmanteau of “fap” (masturbating) and “happening”
    • The pictures were originally private, mostly nude images of famous celebrities produced for personal reasons.
    • Yet the hacking into their iCloud servers made these images visible to everyone, causing an immense amount of controversy. Some of the images were, for example, of underage girls.


  • This banal Garfield strip
    • resulted in this hour long meme video that both reenacts it and contemplates on its meaning:




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