1001 Word Miranda Miller

The image that I chose is foremost in black and white. Additionally, it is in portrait format, with the height about one and a half times the size of the width. In the picture there are two subjects, a man and a woman connected with string in a cat’s cradle fashion that extends across the room. The woman is sitting at the bottom left hand corner of the frame, while the man is in a plush arm chair, to the right of the woman. His head is about halfway up the height of the image. The woman is facing the man leaning against a large wooden board on an easel (only the top wooden securing piece of the easel is visible above it). The board is leaning slightly forward, and covers about one third of the width of the picture and is almost the height of the picture (with the top of the easel included). In the middle of the wood, almost towards the top is a piece of white piece which would be about eleven by eighteen inches in real life. On this piece of paper is an illustrative ink drawing of a gnarled tree with the face and hair of a woman. The face is long and gaunt with closed eyes surrounded in a dark shadowing. She is looking slightly upward so you only see the top of the nose and the top lip, but she seems slightly distressed. She has  long, stringy, hair that slightly resembles the twisted branches themselves. At second glance, the tree looks like the body of a human with many arms, as the head is at the top of the (slightly human shaped i.e. widest at the “hips” and “chest area”) curvy tree with about three branches on either side, where arms would go. On the paper the branches and roots are just outlined in black, but as they go off the paper and onto the wood, they are entirely black.

The woman is  sitting on the floor with her knees bent at the forty five degree angle in front of her with her ankles crossed. Her right arm is also ata forty five degree angle out of front of her, with her forefinger holding unto a taught loop of string that is connected to the man’s thumb and behind his ear. She kind of looks as if she is controlling his with this piece of string. We can not see her left arm. She is  looking up at him (he is slightly higher up since he is in the plush chair) with a relaxed, but concentrating face. She’s  wearing a horizontally striped turtleneck and black cigarette pants that show the bottom of her calves, and black slip on shoes that show her ankle bones. She has long dark hair that goes to her shoulder blades that has a large poof in the front. She has a straight nose and strong nose and chin. She is also wearing a large, decorative watch. She’s possibly in her fifties, with few wrinkles and pale skin.

The man looks like he is asleep. He is slightly unkempt with shoulder length, black, tousled hair and stubble with a ragged mustache. His black shirt is open. His left arm, which is resting off of the left armrest has a rolled pinstripe cuff and a pen loosely gripped. The other arm, from the elbow to his hand to pointed towards the the tree woman that he is facing. The cuff on this arm is unrolled. His head is resting back against the chair and he has a calm face with his eyes closed. His skin is slightly darker than the woman’s but he still appears white. Moreover, he is connected to many taut  strings. Apart from the loop held by the woman he has two strings wrapped around his index finger, and another to around his middle finger, which all connect to different branches of the drawing. The string that runs behind his ear, then goes across his cheek and attaches back to his index finger. Two additional strings are held in his teeth (the loose ends touching his chest, and then also attach to the drawing. The man looks like a puppet whose hand and head are held up by these strings which are being controlled by the woman/ attached to the drawing.

The chair that the man is sitting on seems like it would be beige-ish if it were in color. At the bottom, facing the viewer there are five pleats, which are slightly ruffled by the woman’s feet. The very back of the chair is cut off by the edge of the picture. The man is also not sitting directly on the chair, but on white cushions on top of it. One of the cushions covers the left armrest of the chair (leaving a shadow that runs halfway down the side of the chair. The other is visible behind the man’s head.

In front of the wooden board  is wooden table, which is a little higher than the chair. It has skinny cylindrical legs and a square top. On the table, to the left, is a short, cylindrical jar of ink with a white label. Behind it is a skinny stack of paper with a white page on top. On top of this stack is a black, shiny object that looks somewhat like an old rotary phone, on account of a spiral cord sticking out a bit.

On the back (white) wall are two objects. The first is a painting (which in real life would be about ten by twelve inches) that’s top is about an inch or two above the top of the wooden board. It depicts the madonna and child, (both with dark hair) where Mary is veil is swept backwards gracefully and naked  baby jesus was really ripped and has some really nice pecs. Resting against the painting, going to the floor is a chunk of driftwood with two long tusk looking protrusions.


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