Bubu the Cow-1001 Words

This is one happy cow. Actually there are 5 cows in the image, but this one is especially happy. And especially visible because it happens to be take up about one third of the image. It is on the lower left corner of the page. The other 4 cows are probably one twentieth the size of the main laday. One of the less important ones is cut off half way by the right edge of the page. It’s head is still visible and it is nibbling on some good grass. It is halfway between the top and bottom of the page. Back the the main, she is chewing on a wooden post that is about one fourth to the left from the left side of the image. There is a wire hanging both to the right and left of this post. Her nose is primrose pink at the lightest parts and intestine fleshy pink on the darkest. The lighter parts are those farther from the nostrils and lips. Oh yeah the nose and mouth are connected so when I said nose before, that’s what I meant, similar to the way dogs and cats and other non human animals have this feature. The nostrils are the shape that is common on paisley pattern, kind of like a teardrop with a swirled top.The right nostril (the viewer’s right, not the cow’s right) is more visible than the left one, so is appears more dark/ deep on the inside. I’m tired of calling this fabulous friend lady/ cow so for the sake of this assignment her name is now Bubu. Her head is tilted down towards the right side with her two ears sticking out along that same angle. I would guesstimate that angle to be 47 degrees. Only the right eye is visible, the other one is obscured and only half of the left ear is visible. The eye is dark brown, almost black and you can see right into the heart of this Bubu from the depth of its eyes. She is off white with orangey brown spots, a little darker than caramel and a little lighter than fudge, maybe a mix of the two. Her ears are brown. In proportion to the size of the rest of the body, considering the angle is practically one to one. Only on full leg on the back right side is visible. The two in the front are cut off the on the bottom. CUT OFF BY THE CROPPING NOT BY A WEAPON. There is a flab on flabby skin on the bottom of Bubu’s neck that dangles and looks like it’s tender to nuzzle, probably one of Bubu’s favorite spots to be rubbed. One of the many things about animals that is better than humans is that they never look ugly with a double chin. It seems like all the chub from the grass went to her neck rather than her stomach or butt because one can see the way the skin lays over the bones towards the ribs and butt. The very end point of her body is pointy, what I presume to be part of her tail sticking slightly up. She has a brown spot on her cheek and also alongside most of the visible body.

The remainder of the image consists primarily of sage green grass. It looks patchy as though that is the actual source of food rather than corn. Some patches are larger than others and the texture is fairly uneven. In the top sixth of the image is the horizon line, it is so high that it does not even touch the head or body of the foreground, i.e. Bubu. There is a fair amount of distance between the foreground cow and background cow considering their difference in size. Beyond the horizon line is a small pond, or perhaps watering hole next to which the remaining said cows dwell. Two of their full profiles are visible, facing towards the left, and just the butt of the last. They are equidistant from one another, and run along that center third of the line. The pond touches the right side of the image and ends approximately two thirds the way to the right. I hope you’re good with fractions! Respectively, from right to left, these last three cows are caramel/fudge brown entirely, spotted with big brown spots covering the head and a chunk of butt with everything else white, and completely white except the last third back end of the body. Beyond the pond there is an array of shrubbery of very dark and rich evergreen tones. It does not take up the entire rest of the page though, a sliver of white sky is visible all along the top edge of the image. The reflection of the shrubs and the sky is visible in the pond, and makes point shapes pointing downward. Oh, also, whereas the last two cows are primarily against the background of green, the all brown one is standing such that that pond is seen entirely around its body, between its legs, around its sides, and overhead. There is a small hill all the way on the top right side, behind the back of the pond, which has short grass on the bottom, medium sized medium tone green bushes in the middle, and dark green trees on top. It then levels out towards the left, yet the same pattern in terms or relationship to tree size and color maintains. Beyond that final more visible layer of tall trees is a more amorphous, silhouette of the landscape beyond, a very classic landscape visual. The trees also wrap around slightly, as though around the pond, over and around towards the front of the pond on the left side. Between cows cropped on right side and totally brown horse there is a diagonal connection, almost mimicking the tilt of the head of Bubu, which has extra patches of grass as well as five small posts in between them. Pastoral.

By Liza Goncharova


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