Sheenu You 1001

I will briefly describe the image before I get to the details. This is a digital photograph of a woman trying to buy eggs from a supermarket. She is reaching out to grab a carton of eggs from the egg shelf in the refrigerated aisle. There are numerous other people in the background and other details to get to as well. Now it is time to get to the details.

This digital image is about one thousand and nineteen pixels long and five hundred and thirty four pixels tall. The first thing to describe is the lady that takes up most of the image space. The woman is positioned roughly on the right of this image. The woman roughly occupies about three fourth of the image, including her arm. Her right arm is moving towards the eggs and her other arm is holding a plastic, red, supermarket shopping basket. This hand is closer to the hand grabbing the eggs. She is bending over slightly, but not too hunched over. The lady appears in her twenties and has medium sized hair. She is wearing a blueish-blackish coat and has fuzz on the hood. She has grey nail polish on and is wearing some sort of bag or purse with a brown leather strap and brown tags stitched on the bag. The bag is the same color of her coat. She is wearing a light-brownish, tanish, scarf. The picture was taken as if the camera is pointed on the left side of the woman as she is about to get the eggs. The basket has silver metal straps on it and has black rubber grips only at the top of the handles.

It’s now time to describe the refrigerator. The fridge occupies most of the left side of this image.  This fridge only contains egg cartons. There are no other food products in this fridge other than eggs. This fridge is white and contains only three shelves: the top shelf, the middle shelf, and the bottom shelf. Each shelf has price tags for the eggs it holds. The tags are posted on the sides of the shelf bases so they can be visible to customers. The top shelf has three price tags, one on the right and the left, and one in the middle positioned slightly more towards the right. All of these tags are green and taped to the middle of the tags’ widths. Despite all of these tags having the same image, the first one on the left is the most visible. This tag has three eggs at the bottom middle of the card and one large ellipse at the far bottom right of the card. This ellipse is bigger than the three eggs. The three eggs are positioned like this: the first and last eggs are tan and are laying down as the middle egg is brown and is standing up. Inside the white circle is the price: $2.69. The majority of the upper part of the tag says “Organic Large Brown Eggs”. At the middle left of this card has illegible text that is about four lines long. Now for the egg cartons themselves. The top shelf contains a lot of stacked light-brownish greyish egg cartons that hold brown eggs. There are four cartons stacked on top of each other each row. There are four rows. These cartons hold a dozen eggs and occupy the right of the top shelf. The left of this shelf is occupied by smaller six egg cartons with the same color. Occupies four rows. The eggs are also in the same color. The top of the cartons are brown. The middle shelf has grey dozen cartons and white dozen cartons. The grey cartons occupy about 4/6th of the shelf in the right. The far left side only has one stack of white cartons; only two cartons stacked. The row right next to this is only one opened white carton with white eggs inside. Out of the six rows, from left to right, there are two white cartons and four grey cartons. The grey carton right next to the opened white carton is also opened showing brown eggs. The woman is trying to grab or open this specific carton. The cartons behind this opened grey carton are in stacks of three. There are only two tags in this shelf. One in the middle closer to the left and one in the far right; all of them in light violet. The bottom shelf only contains grey dozen cartons. Four  rows visible. The side walls of this fridge is glass. Using the same perspective as the camera, the fridge is right in front of the woman. You can see only the right side of the fridge and the left side of the woman.

    Now time for the background. The background is behind the woman. Her bending over reveals the background behind. The floor of this supermarket is a mud-like brown. The wall all the way in the background shows shelves. From the woman to the shelves, it appears to be about fifty or more feet. The shelves can only carry three rows of items. These items are all blue bags of chips. This shelf is filled with nothing but bags of chips. There is a person behind the woman wearing a white coat, a violet sweater and a black snowhat. She is reaching for the eggs on the top shelf. There is a man about twenty feet behind the second woman who is wearing a dark coat and has blond-brown short hair. The last man has no face and is wearing a bluish grey shirt and black pants, holding a shopping basket with a yellow bag inside. The basket is the same color as the shopping basket the first woman was holding. This man is also holding a rolled up piece of white paper along with the basket. The order of perspective: woman in coat, woman in white, man in black, and man in grey.


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