Katie Tender 1001 Words

This image can be described as the following: a toy soldier standing next to a dead snake, both of which sit atop a toy truck. The surface level intent of this image, if only glanced at and the viewer fails to understand that the truck and the soldier are toys, it to create the impression that there is a snake the size of an actual truck.

The height is slightly more than half of the width. We view the truck, man, and snake from their right side (if you’re standing behind them). However, the perspective is such that your line of sight isn’t quite perpendicular to the objects. It’s rotated about the z axis 10 degrees, so you’re viewing ever so slightly from the back.

The truck takes up the space from the bottom of the image to about 2/3 of the way up. Its cab is facing the right side of the image. There is a little bit of space between the end of the cab and the edge of the image.

The truck is all black. It’s wheels account for half of its height. There are three of them. All wheels are the same size, but the perspective makes it look like the wheels to the left side are slightly larger. The radius of the tire is half that of the whole wheel. On the middle of the wheel is the Mercedes logo (radius about 1/16 that of the whole wheel.  Each wheel’s diameter is ¼ of the length of the truck. The very bottoms of the wheels are cut off by the bottom edge. There is a wheel in the bottom left corner, with a little less than half cut off by the left edge. Moving rightwards, there is a wheel-sized space, followed by two wheels immediately next to each other. The treads on the tires are very noticeable – they look like tires that could go off road.

Half of the truck is the main cab. It can be divided up into thirds. The rightmost third extends the front of the final wheel, and half of it the floor is slanted down at a 45 degree angle over the wheel. A ladder extends vertically down immediately after the slanted part ends. The rightmost third is dominated by an open door frame. There is a large side view mirror. The middle third has an outset on the middle that takes up about half of the surface are of the third, with three vertical slats. It appears to be a ventilation device. The rightmost half of the final third has two rows of 7 elliptical cutouts. The height of the two rows is the same as the height of the outset on the middle third. The leftmost half of the final third has a black gasoline jug and a red fire extinguisher strapped to the side.

To the left of the main cab is the bed of the truck. The bed is cut off – I’d estimate about half is showing. Of the part that isn’t cut off, about a third of it is what looks like a flat platform. This flat platform is about 1/8 the height of the whole image.

Remember the wheel-sized space between the left wheel and the set on the right? Attached to the frame of the truck in that space in a U-shaped piece of metal, except the u is formed with all start lines. The proportions are the same of those squat half-sized plastic clear plastic cups you’d get at a social event that’s too classy for Solo cups but too cheap for glass. Above the top of the U is a box with a rounded top.

The snake is lying across the top of the truck, with its head on the right. The back two thirds of the snake are cut off by the left edge. About a quarter of the way from the left side of the image, the snakes body because fat enough that its top is cut off by the top edge of the image. The head is rotated away, but the milky eye is just visible. The bottom of the snake’s head is bashed in at the mouth. You can tell because between the mouth and the end of it head is red and the flesh is exposed. Additionally, to the left of the injured area (towards the body), the skin is distended and pink. Remember, we are viewing the snake from the side. The individual scales are visible, and they decrease in size as we move leftwards toward the head. The top half (NOT front half) is a blackish green, and the bottom half is light yellow. There are around three rows of scales that make the transition from the blackish green to the light yellow. These are primarily a more vibrant yellow, and the top most transitional row is mottled with mossy green. Additionally, there are 6 evenly spaced brown scales at the very bottom of the snakes side (right along the intersection of the planes of the snakes side and the snakes bottom, if you imagine the snake as a box).

The toy soldier is standing vertically atop the truck. He is 1/4 of the width over from the right edge, a little to the left of the start of the snake’s head. The top of his head is SLIGHTLY cut off by the top of the image. His right arm (closest to us) is hanging at his side, and the left arm is crooked at the elbow. He is wearing army green pants and an army green long sleeved shirt. He has an army green bucked hat that flares out slightly at the brim. He is also wearing a lighter green utility vest. There is a canteen slung around his body, hanging at his back. He is wearing light brown boots. His skin is tanned to a chestnut brown. The only skin visible is on his hands and face, which the hat throws into shadow.


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