Ava Kling: 1001 Image

She is standing in front of a slightly gray, the slightest gray, light blue surface. It is entirely matte, a smooth, clean baby blue that could replace the color of a cloudless day. The rgb value is(199, 234, 250).

The surface has no edges, impurities, or patterns. It has no depth of space. It does the opposite of glow. The edges of the figure seem to be crisp, with a slight distortion due to the rendering of the image through the platform it was uploaded with. There is one thing about the blue and the whole image : it is digital.

The camera angle cuts her off about halfway between her natural waist, which is the skinniest part of a torso, and her actual waist. This portion also cuts her right arm off at a quarter of the way down the forearm. The top of her head is about 7/8 from the bottom of the image. The whole image is perfectly square. Her other arm, the left one is bent. The elbow is 4/5 across from left to right, and begins 1/20 from the bottom of the page. This arm is about 3/4 from the left of the page, and it appears that there is an easy quarter between her waist and the point of her elbow. By easy I mean she is in a seemingly natural position and both arms seem fluid in life. If you were to draw a theoretical vertical line through the center of her body it would be slightly off centered to the left. I believe this is due to the need to visually center the body.

Her “skin” is the olive colored, with extremely slightly purplish and reddish lowlights. The slight midtowns have a tint of pink to them. On her face the bridge of her nose and the height of her cheekbone have the perfect make up artist glow. Her eyes sparkle slightly, which only comes from the silver of her waterline. Her left bottom lip has a perfect little highlight. Her “skin” is smooth and looks like digitally rendered flesh. She is facing the camera, and her head is tilted to stare at the hand of her left arm Her whole head is humanoid, and very tear shaped. Her chin comes to more of a point that you would expect a human to. He eyes are 3 times as large. Her ear is lightly above half of her face at the center of the ear.  The “skin” spans from her right arm to her shoulder, and around her back. The rest of her body is a pink robot-esque creation. The “skin” of her arm meets the robotic portion full flush, and is drawn so the edge of the skin looks like a very simplified version of a cat’s face looking to the right because of the line that is created. This shame line is reflected across her torso because her whole torso is symmetrical. Her arms are not. The pinks of her being spans from a barbie pink, to a barbie purple, to white, to the color of my lips. The shadows on her robotic parts are very metallic barbie purple. At every joint on her torso the material is like a ribbed tube, if it was not raised but rather functional for movement. The places for this include her whole neck(up to the relaxed jawline) her torso, shoulder, slightly, below her shoulder, just before her elbow, her wrist and the joints on her hand. These joins are slightly lower than her “skin” or robot parts. These are the color of my lips. Speaking of lips hers are the same -ish color blue darker and premaritally smooth and glossed. As if they were lacquered. Under her breasts are 4 slots each that curve with the breast, and thin as they get to the edges. They are barbie purple and are rather thin. Her chest is all robotic barbie pink, except for a plate in the center, covering half of each breast in a line similar to dollop lace. The entire breast plate curves up on the bottom, as if it was cut, not outward. Just above this cut are two triangular shaped visions of flesh, also below the breasts. She is very skinny, not proportionally  so, and has a head as long as her upper arm and 2/3 of her torso. The space between her breast plate and arm is white for a sliver and then pink again. Her arm is pink and white except for the surfaces that face slightly downward and away from us, which are white plates. By plates I still mean that they are flush. For example her fingers have these as well as one on her upper and lower arm. Her nose is small. Her lips are slightly puckered, her eyes are light blue, her lashes are really long and light, and her eyebrows are brown and perfectly drawn. She is bald and hairless besides her eyes.

This Image is a video. Which alters in the following ways simultaneously.

The camera zooms in as she unfurls her robot hand that she was staring at, and moved it in front of her, testing out the joints. She squints her eyes a little, as she turns her head and tilts it to get a better angle of her robotic arm. The more she tests it out, the more the white portions begin to glow and her face changes from a sexual blank expression to bliss, and elation. She stares at the hand the whole time. Her other arm moves from resting at her side to slightly positioned away, 30 degrees of so from its original position. The further into this movement, the camera begins to zoom out again. Then she loses the smile or any sign of life as it fades back into the still, robotic form I described. This progression loops flawlessly from nothing, to almost tear jerking joy, to nothing, etc.


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