Peter Sheehan 1001 Word Assignment

This is an alley, and the alley is very tight, there being only about five feet of space between the two buildings. The alley extends to a single focal point—it is a cobblestone alley with roughly 30 rows of grey brick, mud between each one, with small tufts of grass peeking out at about every fifth row. And there is, closest to the viewer’s position, a small tuft of grass, and in the grass is a trio of crumpled up cigarettes all wet from the rain that happened earlier in the day. There is some writing on the wall directly above to the grass, a name in big yellow letters “No More” and there is a red outline of the letters. The name was done by only writing in chalk, so it is not in bubble letters or block letters. There is a collection of trash cans further down the way, again, three of them, with two in the foreground and one in the background against the left most building. This left most building is made of brick, and we cannot see its roof, and it has no visible windows, so it is perhaps more akin to a wall. It is red brick but because it is the late afternoon with a very cloudy sky— which we can tell by looking at the visible, grey, orange tinged sky at the end of the alley, the end of the alley seeming to connect to another street and then another row of houses on the other side, also red brick but because they are further in the distance are dark, each only being one story with boarded up windows and doors that are similarly boarded up, and behind them the tops of trees, no leaves on any of them, and there are in fact five trees, all lined up, gnarled and imposed over one another so it is difficult to tell which is which, and there are distant birds flying above these trees, ten birds in a strange sort of pattern, if one were to connect the birds in a fashion similar to connect the dots they would get a shape similar to the state of Alabama —the colors of the two adjacent buildings are darker than they would appear to be in the morning. And the leftmost closest trashcan is metal, and has two visible handlebars, and has an indentation on its lower part, in its center, as if somebody kicked it. And there is no trash in it—it is completely empty. But over the rim of the trashcan we can see that there is rust collecting, and in fact it is sitting in a puddle, with a small hole in its right hand side, so the water ran out from the trashcan and created this little puddle. And the trashcan next to it is identically metal, but this one has no rust and no indentations. Similarly, there is no trash in it. Instead, there is a tripwire tied to its rightmost handle and attached to the spigot of a water that is attached to the building on the right. This rightmost building is not brick, like all the other structures, it is a cold grey concrete, greenish in color, with little cracks forming all over it. It too has no windows and has no visible roof, however, we do see a gutter pipe going down the side of the building, made of some coppery metal and connected with the same colored screws. And this gutter pipe lands on the eighteenth row of cobblestone brick in the alleyway, for your reference, and is spewing out an oily black liquid that collects and runs down the rest of the alleyway all the way out to the exit. Now, back to the spigot that this tripwire is tied to—the spigot has a shiny metal panel that connects it to the concrete structure, a nail in each of its four corners. And above the spigot is a sign that says “FIRE EMERGENCY ONLY,” in large red letters with a red outline and each word on a separate line of the sign. The sign is slightly yellowed with age. There is a red arrow pointing directly to the sign and in script, in red chalk, is written “Liars!” And the spigot, does in fact, seem to have never been used, with cobwebs on the valve with a large collection of wrapped up insects trapped on them. The tripwire is tied to the spigot in a neat little bow. Now, in the third trashcan, which is behind the two others in the foreground, is a strange sight—the trashcan is similar in appearance to its neighbors, but inside and going up about 3 feet above it is a man, a young man, with arms, torso, and head visible. And we can see he is wearing a hat, a Stetson hat to be exact, that is much too big for his tiny bald head. He has a large pimply nose, which droops over his skinny little mouth, lips covered in pimples as well, though with these the whitehead is much more obvious. His eyes are incredibly shiny—in fact, they are bright white, and while the rest of the alley way is dark, his eyes should be the brightest white possible, so that it makes no sense for them to be that color in the alleyway. And he has a red ascot wrapped around his neck, a checkered red ascot. His bare torso is covered in some sort of black goop, though his pink flesh appears occasionally through the streaks, the ooze being the same color and texture that is pouring out from the gutter, as if he had been bathing in it before he had entered this trashcan. His long fingers peek out over the trash can he resides in, and he is staring directly at you, his tiny, hairless shoulders in a shrugging position, and his nails chipped and yellow and filthy underneath.


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