Katherine Li 1001

It is a surreal photograph [1128* 1128 px] taken by the ocean in a foggy day, featuring a dark, depressing, melancholic atmosphere.

About one third of the picture at the bottom is taken up by the ocean. It goes, lengthwise, from 823px to 1128px, from a greyish light turquoise [#7D8B96] blending into a greyish dark azure blue [#596B7D]. It must be a rather windy day too because I could see tiny waves on the ocean. The hue of the crest of each wave is one shade lighter than the color of that horizontal line. What is interesting to notice is that almost all the waves have this tendency going from lower left to upper right.

Above the ocean there is the foggy, lavender grey sky, which goes from the top to 823. Not only does the color shades from the top [#BEC0CF] to the bottom [#9296A3], it changes from the edge to the center as well ([#BEC0CF to #ADB1BF for the top line] and [#9296A3 to # 878E96 for the bottom line]). I can’t see cloud in the sky. But somehow there is a pale pinkish purple tint blended well into the grey from [(76, 253) to (366, 283)].

A man (I assume it is a man because of the Adam’s apple and his chest), breadthwise situated in the middle of the picture, is wearing his black crewneck [#191D26] shirt standing in front of the ocean. He is lean, very lean actually. Because I can almost see the vessels underneath the skin of his neck. While only half of his body (from a few inches below is elbow to his head top) is shown in the picture, it looks very stiff. He puts his arms down vertically straight, tightly to each side of his body.

  • The bottom line of his body (that is shown in the picture) goes from (398, 1128) to (730, 1128).
  • His shoulder width goes from (419, 845) to (709, 845) and then each side inclines to each side of the bottom of his neck (511, 800) to (617, 800), which are also where the edge of his crewneck shirt turns to his back.
  • His shoulder tips are almost at the same horizontal level of the boundary between the ocean and the sky, although that is blurred in the photograph.
  • The bottom point of his crewneck collar is (564, 846)

The two lines on each side of his body contouring the area where his sleeves touch his top shade darker than the shirt.

  • The line on the left starts at (442, 927), and curves inward, connects (454, 982) (the innermost point) and ends at (449, 1128).
  • Similarly, the line on the right starts at (686, 927), curves inward, connects (674, 982) (the innermost point) and ends at (679, 1128).
  • A subtle detail is that I can see the protuberance of his chest because of the way his shirt is folded and the change in its shade.

The area where it is supposed to be the man’s head is covered entirely by a black balloon. In fact, the oval shaped balloon runs larger than his head. If thinking about the oval as an inscribed figure of a rectangle. Then the coordinates for those 4 points of tangency are: (545, 545) for top line, (456, 655) for left side, (672, 655) for the right side, (564, 793) for the bottom side.

Think about the shape of a perfectly expanded balloon – while the top half is like a semicircle, the bottom half is more like a triangle with its each side slightly swelling outward. The balloon’s neck is a triangle-like figure with a height of 15 and width of 12 right underneath the balloon body. The overall color for the balloon is dark blue [#1C2129] with a lighter shade lining [#394257] on its top border, and darker shade [#1C1E26] covering up its bottom part as well as the balloon neck.

While the man’s face is covered by a black balloon, his neck is shown in the picture. While part of his neck is hidden behind the balloon, we can still think of it as a trapezoid, of which the top line goes from (520, 771) to (608, 771), and the bottom line goes from (509, 818) to (619, 818). His neck as well as the gap between the bottom line and the crewneck is filled by shady pink [#4B464E]. While the area indicating the transition from his neck to his shoulders is filled with a lighter shade [#796E76]. It seems likely that the balloon’s neck falls right on the crest of the man’s Adam’s apple because the shade around the balloon’s neck is much lighter than that of the man’s neck overall.

Except for this one balloon covering this man’s head, there are 10 more balloons overall floating in the sky. They are all in the same color, same shape, but of different sizes because of each one’s distances to the audience.

I will use the same way I describe the head covering balloon to describe every of the 10 other ones from top to the bottom. Therefore, I’m going to give out the coordinates for points of tangency between each circle and its circumscribed rectangle.

The format below follows: top, left, right, bottom, bottom of the balloon’s neck.

  • (592, 44), (560, 70), (624, 70), (592, 103), (592, 105)
  • (124, 65), (60, 126), (188, 65), (124, 197), (124, 200)
  • (1024, 83), (973, 134), (1075, 134), (1024, 191), (1024, 193)
  • (386, 168), (364, 190), (408, 190), (386, 213), (386, 214)
  • (748, 240), (711, 278), (785, 278), (748, 321), (748, 322)
  • (250, 369), (205, 412), (295, 412), (250, 464), (250, 466)
  • (528, 388), (510, 402), (546, 402), (528, 422), I can barely see its neck
  • (1025, 450), (996, 483), (1054, 483), (1025, 512), (1025, 514)
  • (90, 558), (60, 584), (120, 584), (90, 618), (90, 619)
  • (853, 586), (822, 617), (884, 617), (853, 650), (853, 651)




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