Sophia Qin 1001 word description


The shot of the image is in a 16:9 ratio and fuzzy, as if it is shot on a analog camera. Once you zoom closer to the image, you can see it is extremely pixelated and grainy– there are no smooth transitions. Because of the graininess of the image, all the edges are a bit blurry, and it looks incredibly realistically 3D modeled. There are two human-bunnies sitting quietly and calmly on a burnt-sienna, old fashioned couch. The couch is facing slightly diagonally to to the center of the image, and the couch is lined with yellow cotton. There are ornate, 60’s like church details on the armrest of the couch, and the couch seems to be made of a rough felt-like fabric. The fabric has a yellow sheen to it that becomes noticeable (meaning, the highlights of the couch turn yellow upon light) when there is light shining on it. On the corner of the couch lies an average yellow lamp located on the farthest right of the image. By average looking, I mean that it is smooth creamy white-yellow object that has a top bottom like any normal looking basic lamp. It is distinguishable that it is a lamp because of the formal and structural (the curve, the corners, etc.) elements that obviously make it a lamp.

To give a basic overall description of the scene,  there are two bunnies wearing clothes, sitting up like a human staring at a point diagonally away some place far from the 2D-likeness of that captures this image (like breaking through the fourth wall). They have brown fur over their bodies, but it is shrouded by the normal, mundane clothes they are wearing. The two anamorphic bunnies are sitting on the couch, however, on the left corner located in depth, is the same bunny-human specie female ironing a piece of cloth. The whole scene is set in a suburban turquoise colored house with a brown carpet. Because of the unusual characters for the shot, it makes the image look haunting.

On the couch, as said before, are two anamorphic human rabbits. They have the average human body (height is about 5”8, not too fat or skinny–just medium build) from the neck down. However their heads are human sized rabbit heads (about seven inches in height and five inches in width relative to the body). The two rabbit heads are indistinguishable in gender, but we can see that the left rabbit is wearing an obvious royal blue business suit which evokes a male sentiment. The inner collared shirt (inside the blue suit) for the the left male bunny is white and loose fitted. It is also wearing a tie of a dark maroon color. The male bunny looks serious because it is sitting perfectly straight. The tie that is on the collared shirt is  noticeably silk because of the image of the slight, pale maroon highlight that is on it, as the silk fabric of the tie reflects the fluorescent light coming from the lamp. The bunny-human on the right is wearing a pale pink dress with a peter pan collar. It seems to be made of silk and has a three-striped ribbon pattern near the arms, which makes it look like a stereotypical suburban housewife dress. Also, The right bunny is crossing it’s legs. The two human bunnies stare aimlessly diagonally off the image, as if they are watching TV (the TV is not shown). They are distant from one another because they are sitting one seat down from the couch. The left-suit-wearing rabbit is setting its arm casually on the armrest and the right-dress-wearing rabbit is putting its paws on her her crossed legs.  The lamp on the farthest right is glowing harsh rays of light which creates harsh shadows throughout in the whole image, like a film noir. All the bunnies in the scene have their rabbit ears sticking straight to to ceiling and the inner part of the rabbit ear is pale pink, but that is barely noticeable because of the dark shadows of the scene. Additionally,  their furs are dark brown, like common dark bunnies that hop around the fields. The bunnies have brown small noses and you can barely see the eyes because they are all brow as well. You can only tell that they have eyes because of the white reflective gleam that all glassy eyes have.

On the leftest part of the image is a human-bunny wearing a pastel coral pink bathrobe and ironing a white cloth. It is located deeper in the scene so thus, it looks a bit smaller. The bunny head is looking straight at the cloth she is ironing on the iron board. The whole figure is cast in the shadows because it is set deeper into the scene, where the light from the lamp is not reaching the figure. We see that the bottom of her dress is darker and her feet are black because of the shadow.

The whole scene has a mysterious and eerie feeling to it because of the darkness, the harsh lights, and the spooky bunny-humans who are executing mundane tasks. The color pallete is pale pink, turquoise, blue, burnt umber, yellow which, in the same color-tone family evokes a timeless, suburban, and warm feeling. But the scene is not warm itself– only the colors in combination look warm.

The three bunnies are set in a backdrop of a turquoise green room with a dark burnt-umber floor. There is a window with nine panels on the center of the back room. It is framed by two wooden brown pillars the same color as the floor. The farthest left corner of the window has a reflection of a rectangular orange screen. There are dark shadows on the walls because of the corner lamps’ harsh light shining on the couch and the bunny figures. The shadow cast on the wall is the negative reflection of the bunnies up front. Meaning, there are dark cast shadows of three bunny heads projecting on the turquoise wall.  



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