Sarita Chen 1001 Words

A man sits down on a slab of rock jutting out of the ground. The rock is rectangular in shape. The edges are worn and smoothed out, making them more curved and showing signs of weathering from rain and other conditions. The area surrounding the rock is mostly made of dirt, but there are patches of clovers springing up here and there. The clovers are lined along the left of the rock, directly in front of it by the left edge of the rock. The rest of the front of the rock (except for that one corner) is bare of any clovers. There are clovers directly in front of the man’s feet, which are facing away from the left side of the rock. The man is sitting facing away from the left of the rock, with his body pointed towards the left. His back is slightly hunched as he is leaning forward a bit. His head is facing forward, (away from the rest of his body which is pointed to the left). His left arm is stretched out before him and resting on his left knee. His knees are drawn together in front of his torso. He is sitting near the left side of the rock, so that the top of the rock’s right side is still mostly visible. The man’s left arm is stretched out facing left. It is resting on the top of his left knee and facing inwards so that his elbow can be seen. His left hand is clenched into a fist and also facing inwards towards his body. His right arm is bent inwards towards his body, resting against the right knee which from this perspective looks slightly more elevated than the left knee. His right hand is holding his left arm, right at the spot where the sleeve of his shirt stops. On his left hand is a smooth black bracelet made of cloth. The bracelet rests right on his wrist. The man is wearing a black crew neck t-shirt. The sleeves stop right before his elbows and are a bit wrinkled where the shoulder starts. The shirt also wrinkles by his torso just underneath his shoulder. The shirt is long enough that it is touching the rock the man is sitting on, covering his hips and stopping right where his legs start. He is also wearing black pants. On his left leg, the pants stop right above his ankle, but due to the way the man is sitting, it stops about mid calf on his right leg. The pants are wrinkled around the mans knees due to the way he is sitting. The pants do not have any visible pockets. Neither does the shirt. Both are simply plain black. His ankles are bony and stick out a bit. The man is wearing Adidas™ slides on his feet. The slides are slightly dirty, the white stripes on them have faded a slight brown from use.The man has tan skin. His eyes are small, almond shaped, and he has pronounced eye bags (not dark just puffy). He has double lids. His eyes are a light brown and he has a small mole on his left cheek, on his cheek bone right underneath the right corner of his eye. (The side farther from the nose.) His nose bridge is rather long but his nose itself is very average, a bit more on the small side. His nostrils are also about average in size. His eyebrows are close to being triangular in shape, and a bit bushy. They are resting on his face, as he is not making any extreme facial expressions. His lips are a pinkish colour. His mouth is closed and not contorted in any particular way (since he’s not really making any facial expressions). He has small lips. His ears are big, and shaped kind of like two semi-circles on the side of his head. Despite his facing mostly forwards, his head is still tilted slightly to the left, so the ear on the left side of his head is slightly more visible than his right ear. He does not have any piercings, earrings, plugs or any other form of ear jewelry. He has dark brown curly hair. The hair is so dark in fact, that it almost looks black but just barely manages to be light enough to actually be considered brown. His hair is curly. It’s short enough so that it doesn’t reach neck length, but long enough to form bangs which part by the right side of his head and are brushed left. They fall over his left eyebrow so that only his right eyebrow is visible, and it’s partially covered by hair so that it looks like it’s being hidden by a sort of hair veil. His hair does not stick out in any particular way, and it isn’t cut close to his head. His head is kind of leaning forward due to the fact that he’s hushing. He has a pronounced adam’s apple which, due to the way his head is positioned, is directly underneath his chin. He does not have a pronounced chin. Behind the man in the background is a light blue green wall. About a foot or so up the wall is painted white, rather than the blue colour. The white stripe goes right across the length of the wall, and is very neatly done. The wall has a smooth surface and looks just about freshly painted. By the foot of the wall where it meets the ground is a row of more clovers. Most of the ground does not have clovers on it except for the wall and by the rock as aforementioned. Leaning against the man’s right leg is a yellow backpack. Only the back of the backpack can be seen, so both straps are clearly visible. There are no patterns or designs on the bag. It is plain yellow and of a very simple model of backpack. There are black clasps on the straps.


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