Isabelle Vincent 1001 Words

Group of girls walks left down middle of the street in a line on city street. Girls wearing white dresses, seem to be first communion outfits since they are accompanied by a nun and various women.

Buildings in the background seem to once been nice but now old and dirty, exterior walls are made of darkened dirty large stone brick. Entryway visible with 3 large steps and one smaller top step, simple iron railings, and archway that have three columns on each side that slightly overlap as they go inwards towards the door which is hidden by black shadow. Order left to right as follows: Window-Archway-Window-Window. All slightly cut off at top.

Far-left window divided into 8 thin sections with 4 on top and bottom. Beneath window is graffiti partially obscured by a black metal fence, in front of fence are four metal trash cans.

Middle window divided into four sections, top two small, bottom two tall.

One trash can under right side of middle, other trash can underneath between space of middle and right windows.

Both the Left and middle only have their right window shutter (black).

Right window cropped off only one skinny pane visible with curtains inside, has left black shutter.

There’s a red car that partially obscures rightmost last two trash cans from left group of four trash cans, leftmost stairs and wall portion for length of second window. Front of car facing left.

Woman walking towards left with child is next to red car, she blocks left corner of the driver window, the girls head reaches just above woman’s elbow. Woman has shoulder length dark hair, the girl’s dark hair stops midway down her back.


Two women, walking to left in profile, block view of trunk. Woman to left is more forwards so she is taller than the woman behind her, she has shoulder length dark hair, plain shirt with a scoop cut and open shoulders. Only the top half of her torso and is visible since a pair of the girls blocks the rest of her body (girl7&8). Woman behind her is looking down, her dark hair goes just past her ears. Her left arm is bent and she seems be holding something to her chest. Her right hand seems to pressed up to her face, only her forearm is visible. Her front is partially blocked by other woman and pair but rest of body is visible.

Directly behind these women and car are two women walking to right on the sidewalk. Each of their heads is directly above the head of one of the other two women. The one who’s head is above the left woman has long dark hair, Woman to the left of her is slightly shorter and has shoulder length dark curly hair.

Girls from left to right side (“&” means pairs),

Girl1-Girl2-Girl3&4-Girl5&6-Girl7&8-Girl 9&10

Girl1 is mostly cropped off all that is seen is the back of her veil, her knee-length dress skirt that has two equal length layers of pleated ruffles, each layer has two parallel white ribbons on the bottom edge. She is wearing a white kitten heel with a white sock that reaches an inch or so above the shoe.

Girl2 is walking forward but she is farther back in space than first girl. Her head is turned directly towards the camera, mouth opened. Shoulder length light colored (rest of girls have dark hair) curly hair, bangs and is wearing a headband. Her body is facing towards left, her left leg stepping forward. Her arms are bent almost ninety degrees at elbow and are close to her sides, she holds light blue handkerchief at the top with both hands at the corners. She is wearing wrist length white gloves. Her dress has puffy short sleeves. Collar reaches halfway up her neck, it has a slightly frilled edge. Her dress skirt is the same as the skirt of Girl1. Same shoe Girl1.

Girl3 is barely visible behind the nun who is walking on the same plane as first girl. Her face is at a three-quarter angle and can be seen through the space in between the nun’s chin and shoulder. The very front of her skirt can be seen underneath the nun’s hands. The nun is holding an upwards facing open book at stomach level.

Girl4, the front of her body is blocked by the nun her face is turned to the camera. She wears a flower crown veil. Her dress is ankle length with a bottom frill.

Girl5, face three-quarter turn. Hair in Ponytail. Veil to her side, three layered knee-length skirt. Arms and back of body blocked by Girl 6. Same shoe Girl1

Girl6,  Face turned to camera. Puffy short sleeve, lace knee-length skirt. White tiara, curly shoulder length hair. Same shoe Girl1.

Girl7, Upper body and face slightly turned towards camera. Veil, bangs. Long sleeve, plain skirt, frilly collar. Same shoe Girl1 except with white tights. Arms at side Girl8 partially blocks her skirt.

Girl8, Pointing at camera leaning towards Girl 7. Same sleeve Girl6. Same veil Girl4. Same skirt. Same shoe Girl1. Small envelope style purse draped over bent elbow of pointing arm.

Girl9, Facing upwards in profile and walking to left. Arm at side holding book. Shoulder length hair. Veil. Ruffle collar, 6 layer ruffle knee-length skirt. Feet blocked by TV.

Girl10, pulled back long hair, body faced left head turned towards camera. Veil. Transparent long sleeves. Knee-length version of Girl4 skirt.

Behind Girl9&10, Left, upper torso man in suit and tie hair only on side of head walking to right. Right, Woman walking left, hair in bun. Front part of toso blocked by Girl10, arm and leg visible.

In foreground part of vintage car hood and one headlight. Ontop hood are two vintage tvs, one to left almost fully visible but turned off  (right tv block’s bottom right corner). Right Tv mostly cut out, skinny part of screen visible but it is on and display horizontal landscape.  



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