Sarah Kim 1,001 words

An apartment-looking building that is supposed to be a hospital takes over almost ninety percent of the background leaving a little space on the right side of the image. The building looks depleted. There are at least twenty five square windows that are shown on the image. The window is opaque, but towards the bottom of each windows are two small sections that can be opened. These two small openings are divided by the frame of the window. Towards the right side of the image is the entrance of the building that is semi-hidden by pink smoke screen. The entrance is attached to the building and it has a marquee that is five windows to the right of the second floor of the building. The marquee has a white background with a frame in faded teal. The right side of it is the most visible. It has seven lines running horizontal with four vertical lines equally dividing up the sections of those seven lines. In the middle is a text. All of the letters are capitalized and the words ‘heaven’ and ‘is a place’ are bolded. The phrase is written starting at the top with ‘heaven’, and ‘is a place’, ‘where nothing’, and ‘ever happens’ fall below the word separately. There is also a light-up text board standing on top of the marquee facing the front, but the word itself is unrecognizable. The text board is in faded red-orange with light bulbs going around the border of each letter. The second floor of the building is separated from its first floor by a tarnished, yellow sign-board that runs across in between the two floors, but more closely attached to the first floor. It runs from the left end of the image towards the right until it meets the marquee. The signboard reads a phrase, “It’s a good day”. The letters of the phrase are capitalized and in faded red. The signboard has grey tear marks by its borders. The windows of the first floor of the building starts right under the signboard. The windows are divided by two pillars that each stand under the letters “G” and “Y” of the phrase of the yellow signboard. Each of the space between the pillars have a long window divided into eight sections.

There are two cars that stand in front of the building. They stand near the entrance of the building with one facing towards the wall of the building and the other one facing towards the first but slightly slanting its head towards the entrance of the building. Both of the cars are tarnished blue. The car slanting towards the entrance has only the frame and only its top half is shown on the image. It looks more tarnished whereas the other one looks more refurbished. The refurbished car looks like a Cadillac model and has white chrysanthemums painted on the bottom half of its body. Standing on the left side of the Cadillac is a mid-sized metal container box that is tarnished with pink and white paint stains. A half of a car frame rests on top of the container. The car frame looks like the back of a car and it’s wheel-less. There are three trash cans and two wooden stools sitting in front of the container. The two wooden stools are closer in perspective and stand in front of the grey and white metal trash bins. The stool standing on the far left is taller than the stool standing next to it on the right. In between the gap of those stools stand the grey trash bin. The white trash bin stands to the right of the grey trash bin. A brown, tarnished trash bin stands the closest towards the Cadillac, hiding its front wheel and front side. There is a square exit sign standing on the far left end of the container and it is partially hidden by a compartment of some kind of a machine. Four girls are present in the image near the Cadillac. Two of the girls are sitting on the car and the other two are leaning on the vehicle. They all are facing the same direction away from the entrance of the building towards the left side of the scene. A girl with an electric blue, mid-length hair with bangs sits on the roof of the car near the end of it. She’s wearing a light green bomber jacket and light-blue jeans that has a patch on the thighs with electric yellow-green ankle boots. She is looking down and her hands are resting in between her legs. Her left leg is hidden by another girl with an ashy-long, wavy hair leaning on the trunk of the vehicle. She wears a denim sleeveless jacket on a mustard-yellow hoodie and a pair of black shorts. She is wearing knee-high socks that are white with three black stripes, but her legs are cut off from the picture down from the top of her shin. Her right leg slightly covers the back wheel of the Cadillac. Her left arm is resting on top of the trunk of the Cadillac and the left sleeve of the jacket is slouching down. A third girl stands in between the front and back door of the car, leaning towards the car. She wears a faded maroon leather jacket that covers most of her body. She wears a turtleneck white knit sweater under her jacket, but you can only see it by her sleeve and her neck. She is also wearing a pair of black shorts. Her legs stretch down and gets cut off before her ankles. The last girl is the closest towards the container and is sitting on the hood of the Cadillac with her legs crossed. She has black, long and straight hair with pink highlights. She wears a grey dress with greenish flannels on top of it. She wears knee-high black socks with black trooper boots. Her legs fall right next to the brown trash bin.


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