Stephen 1000 Words

Overall, the picture is primarily made up of pink, red, white, green, and blue. Most of the colors have a soft quality, except for some of the reds. The composition is horizontal, and is essentially divided into thirds. There are 15 figures in the piece. There are 7 along the bottom third of the composition, and there are 8 on the top third of the composition.

It is a beautiful day, foggy, but still vivid and gorgeous.

Rose petals enter from the left. They begin to overpower the four figures lying down on the floor. Peacefully, the figures watch as the petals blow to the table. The table seats seven, all entertained and interested in the movement of the roses. At the right, two figures sit, confused at the origin of the pink cloud of petals that is growing faster and faster by the second. A woman plays a wind instrument to entertain all.

The roses petals are growing more and more. They are weightless, stripped from their stems and flowing through the air. They move with a sense of fluidity. The wind carries them throughout the planes of the image.

A bronze sculpture stands tall in the distance. It depicts a man and child. It is oxidized, and has now turned green. It matches the green of the marble pillars, and the green of the woman in the corner’s dress.

The people within the rose petals are practically swimming now. They crouch over and let themselves lose their perception to sink deeper into the bed  of petals. A girl in the group lies her head down and is smelling the fowers now. She is wearing her own crown of flowers, but they are white tulips. She is with three men, and two of the men are wearing crowns of leaves while one other woman wears a flower crown. This other woman has orange flowers in her crown, though. She also is wearing a bracelet on her upper right arm that wraps around three times.

Slightly over, a woman is looking over at a man resting underneath a blanket of petals. The woman has a fan made out of white feathers.

The man has extremely saturated red roses on his head, and they contrast the more pale, pinkish tone of the separated petals. The man looks disgruntled, all you can see is his one eye and a hand covering his head.

A woman next to him, wearing a bracelet of a snake wrapped around itself. She wears white flowers on her head. She is looking right at you.

Next to her, still, is a man. He is wearing a green tunic and has orange hair. There are some petals in his hair. He has a blushed face and an orange beard. His hair is tied up in braids. He is looking attentively at the musician.

At the table, as I mentioned before, there is a group of people. Starting from the right side, there is a smiling woman with brown hair and a brown necklace. Next to her is a woman reaching her head over to look at the man with orange hair. Next to her is a woman and you can only see her eyes. She has tulips in her hair as well. Next to her is a young girl with yellow flowers in her hair. She is young and has a look of excitement on her face as she stairs at the flower petals. There is a man next to her and he is drinking wine. He has a crown of leaves. A woman, presumably his wife, is sitting next to him. She looks slightly weary, as if her age was starting to get to her. Still, she has a smile on her face, and pale, off-white flowers in her hair.

A man sits next to her, also drinking wine. He looks pleased with the environment and is wearing a golden, glimmering tunic. He has a golden band across his brown hair and blushed cheeks. He is lying on his stomach on a luxurious day bed, with carpets draped over it. The carpet that the man is lying on is a paisley pattern of greens, reds, and some slight oranges. The colors complement the golden, slightly shimmering robe that he has on. The musician is standing behind him.

Her instrument is comprised of two long wind pipes. She is lost in her music. She is wearing a white robe with some sash draped over her. She has a green ribbon in her brown hair. Her skin is pale but her face and hands are rosy and pink.

There is a bowl with something smoking in it, possibly incense. The bowl is suspended at about waist level by a sall table. White smoke exits the bowl, and the smoke and rose petals blend toghether, moving together up and over a large curtain.


Behind them all is a range of mountains, covered with a thick layer of fog. You can see that the mountains are green, but they look grey until you squint your eyes. The sky is starting to turn darker, and it looks like the sun is just starting to lower from the sky. There are some slight hints of clouds in the sky, but only faintly, in thin, horizontal patches. It is probably late summer. The sun is not visible in the image but the sky is blue.

This is probably on a balcony. The furniture and architecture is ornate and looks expensive. The view is great too. These characters are figures of an upper class.

The colors in the image all go together quite easily, but the red stands out the mot from the rose petals. Your eyes are drawn immediately to a point on the left and bottom third of the composition, where the thickness of the cloud of petals is at its most dense. Your eye begins to wander throughout this cloud and examines each figure, moving counterclockwise. It is painted in oil paint.







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