MeeDm Bossard 1001 word

As a general description of the image, there are two different alcohol bottles filled with water, and in the water there are roses, placed in front of a white wall. The bottle on the left is from a bottle of gin, and on the right is the Jack Daniel’s whiskey, not touching each other, but both are in the middle of the image. The two are mounted on a stool, but all you can see is the top of the stool to the tips of the roses. Behind the two bottles, there is a mason jar almost nearly hidden by the two bottles. On the right of the flowers there is a light switch. There is an overall lighting of pink light to illuminate the subjects. The pink light seems to be coming from the left of the subjects (flowers in alcohol bottles).


In detail, the left bottle has 4 red roses in it, and the roses have a bunch of leaves below the buds but above the top of the rim of the bottle. To describe the petal part of the roses, on the left there is one rose facing the wall behind it, and on the right is one rose covering two other ones. The leaves are naturally placed, messed up, and there are around 13 leaves. Around 6 of the leaves are messily placed around the stems almost as if it is another flower—specifically an orchid. Below this “second flower” consisting of leaves, the other leaves are very messily placed. Next, the ends of the stem only reach till around half of the bottle. The water rises till around 4/5 of the bottle.

The bottle itself is uniformly a rectangular prism with softened edges until it starts to taper at the top to the neck/rim of the bottle.

Next, the description of the label on the bottle: the bottle is facing the viewer, and the label reads “Seagram’s EXTRA DRY GIN”, with Seagram’s being the biggest. “extra dry” is below Seagram’s, and “gin” below that. Extra dry gin is a different font than “Seagram’s”, and are in all caps, very neat and modern, whereas Seagram’s is more of a older font, almost like from a medieval textbook. Below these words are 2 lines of small cursive writing that the viewer cannot really read. All of this is in a dark navy blue, on a background of baige-ish yellow. A gold border surrounds it, and below this is a navy blue background with words that are hard to make out. This all makes up the label on this bottle.

A bit below the rim of the bottle there is a navy blue sticker (?) around the collar. The rest of the bottle is clear, with a bit of texture, the texture mimics that of a knitted shirt, 3 lines vertical, then 3 lines horizontal, repeated along the bottle.

The water and glass in this bottle is tinted red due to the lighting, except for some shadows around the edges of the bottle and rim.


The bottle on the right is different. There are two roses sticking out of this bottle. The rose on the left is higher than the one on the right, however both roses are placed lower than the ones in the bottle on the left. The rose on the left’s stem is broken in the middle, leaning towards the wall in the back. The leaves on these two stems are all one color (no tone or shadows) and there are around 6 of them. All of the leaves are behind the stem.

The bottle is a standard Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle. It is a more angular stout, short, a bit thicker version of the Gin bottle. Instead of slowly tapering to the rim/neck of the bottle, it angles towards it—very sharp. There is a black label with the standard Jack Daniel’s label. . The one big difference between this bottle and the one before, is the placement of it. This whiskey bottle is not facing the front, but instead its corner is facing the viewer. The side that I will describe from the label is facing the right side of the corner. Written on it: “Jack Daniel’s, No. 7, Tenessee whiskey”, and below this are words that cannot be read. There is a swirl pattern surrounding these letters, and all of these things are in white. On the left side of the corner (on the label), there are 4 patterns that look like semicircles of words. The words are too small and cannot be made out. On the actual corner, there is a line of words that is again too small to read, but runs down the corner. The rest of the bottle is clear, no texture.

However, inside the bottle, the water is tinted not only red, but also a slight green hue reflected off of the stems and label. There are three vertical line, which separates dark green, from light blue, to a light pink within the water.


The Mason jar hidden behind cannot be seen through the two bottles, but can be seen in the gap between the two. It is a standard mason jar.


The two bottles are placed on a wooden stool. Only around ¾ of the seat of the stool can be seen, none of the legs of the stool can be seen. It is light tan, and the striations of the wood are horizontal.


The light switch is a standard American switch that must be flicked up and down. Vertically on either side of the switch are two screws that keep the plastic backing onto the wall.


There are two shadows of the subjects. One of them is more of a redder hue that is a deeper red than anything else in the image. This shadow is directly behind and lower than the subjects themselves. The second shadow is the typical gray shadow, except is to the right of the subjects and is bigger than the subjects.


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