Hannah Kim 1001 Words

The image is horizontally very long, and vertically short. The dimensions are around

12 x 30. It has around an inch wide border on all sides, with a line at the top and bottom that follows this pattern: right 1 cm, up 2 mm, left half a cm, up 2 mm, right one cm, down 2 mm, left half a cm, down 2 mm, and right 1 cm. The border is a pale yellow color. There are six spaces within both the top and bottom parts of the border, and two spaces within the left and right portions of the border. The spaces hold small images in between two red parenthesis shapes that reach the top and bottom lines of the border. The image is a faded red chain pattern running in between the parenthesis, directly in the middle of the space. There are light blue and yellow flowers surrounding the chain, and two rounded squares directly in the middle of the flower bundle. The flowers have 5 petals, with two lines stemming from the center part of the flower, on each petal. On all 4 corners of the bottom layer of the border, there is a red circular oriental looking stamp, which resembles a circular pinball maze. The stamp makes the border line curve around it, instead of overlapping it. In the leftover space between the images and the border lines, there is a tessellation created by making several venn diagrams.

Within the borders, there is a narrative image. The entire background, including the spaces within the borders, is a slightly faded black. Starting from the far left, there is a pale salmon tree with five main branches. The leaves look like little tear drops, and some groups of leaves go in front of the main tree trunk, and some go behind. At the base of the tree, there are a group of rocks. There are black creases within the tree trunk. There are several leaves on the left side of the group of rocks, and some long grass strands sticking up. The rocks are grayish coral, and the leaves have a bluish wash over a salmon leaf. Below the trees is a patch of grass in the shape of elongated upside down tear drops with the curved part sticking up, and one flower with four petals. To the upper left side of that patch directly under the rock bed is another patch of grass with three five petal flowers. The grass has a mixture of forest green and mixed in orange colors, and the flowers are a light pink.

Directly to the right of the tree and slightly overlapped by the rock bed is a two panel wooden fence with rectangular shapes carved within the panels, and it connects to a temple/gazebo at its right. The fence is a faded red and orange, and the temple is oriental style and has the same colors. There are many vertical lines following the shape of the roof on the roof, and there is an outside layer of pillars. There are three stairs leading up to the temple, directly in front of it. On the bottom right ground near the temple there is one rock and a patch of green thin grass behind it. There is no horizon line, and the ground is simply black like the background.

There is a huge heart shaped rock pile to the right side of the temple and it slightly overlaps the right side of the temple. From the middle of it sprouts a crinkly tree with long empty thin branches that droop down. The colors in the rock are brown, orange, and even light blue. Directly under this rock bed and tree is another smaller pile of rocks and two trees similar to the first tree all the way at the left, sprouting from the rocks. The tree at the right, with three main branches, is overlapping the rock bed, whereas the tree at the left goes behind the rock bed.

Connected to the rock bed that is connected to the temple is a big bridge made of stone, with a perfectly circular brick underside and rectangular panels lining the fence of the bridge. There is an ancient man walking in the middle of it, holding a stick and wearing a brown hat and robe with a blue belt tied around his waist. He has a long gray mustache. The bridge has lotus flowers placed on top of the posts separating the different parts of the fence. The bridge opens up to a rhombus shaped deck, which is cut off so that only the top half is showing in a triangle shape. There are several short stairs placed at the end of the bridge and leading into the deck area.

Behind the deck, there is a boat in the water and the water is represented by a few white lines that look like jiggly waves. The boat is shaped like a sharp crescent, and one woman in a brown dress lies in it occupying the left side of it, while a lady in a red and purple asian dress and hair in a bun sits on the right side. Directly above them is a red circle moon, and surrounding it are white lines resembling wispy clouds.

To the right of the stairs are three women, two of which are sitting around a rectangular table playing chess, horizontal from each other. The third lady stands next to the lady on the right and holds a bowl. The woman on the left wears a blue dress with black flowers and has a yellow shawl draped around her arms. She has half of her hair up in a bun, tied with a flower hair tie. She sits in a green circular chair with three arms. The woman at the right wears a greenish gold robe and has her hair in the same style, and sits on a bright yellow chair. The servant lady in between the two main women wears a grayish purple robe.

As the image moves to the right there is another set of stairs leading to a big temple that is cut off. A woman in a blue gown stands towards the left side of the balcony and holds her hair. All the way at the bottom right corner and overlapping the temple is a bedrock and a tree with leaves that look like perfect circles with many lines stemming from the center of the leaves.


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