Yixin He 1001 Word Desciption

The photo is of five rice farmers walking in the terrace farms. The image is primarily a yellowish shade of green. The dimensions are 2×3, longer horizontally. All colors in this paper shall henceforth be given in RGB form with each color being represented by a three-digit number. The sun is not visible in the image but it is in the upper front left direction. All directions given are from the viewer’s perspective.

In the foreground is the nearest hill. The curve of the edge of that closest hill starts at about the bottom 1/3 line of the image. The highest point of the curve is about 1/10th of the total height from the lowest point of the curve. Let the base color of the hill be 097108009. The shadows of the grass are 077084000. The grass also has extra dark shadows the color 009018003. The extra dark shadows are more visible in closer terraces. The curves of the terraces on the closest hill start from the upper right side of the hill and curve towards the left side of the curve. The terraces curve increasingly lower and towards the right. The sides of four terraces on the closest hill are visible. The visible portions are shaped like the upper third of a fat crescent moon with the concave side facing right. The right most curve of the visible sides is 029027005. The left side is 073079025. A tiny bit of dirt is visible to the left of the side of terrace sides. It is the same color as the darkest shadows of the grass. The outer edge of each terrace (in the direction of the sun) is the brightest part; it is 160165010.

There is a shrub thing on the edge of the nearest hill at about 1/3 of the width from the left. It extends about 1/10 of the height off the edge of the hill. The shape is like the -x2 function. It is backlit by the sun with the lighter colors starting from 2/3 of the radius outwards. The lighter portion is colored 132110056 and 094089032. The darker portion is 086082038 and 057052024. Use the same colors for the other following shrubs. All following shrubs are on the edge of the curve. There is one at 2/5 from the right. It is 1.5 times the height of the previous shrub, same width. There is another shrub directly right of the previous shrub. It is 1/3 the height of that one and has same width.

The top line of next closest hill starts at ½ of the image’s height on the left and ends at 1/6 of the height from the top on the right. It has two slight bumps. Terraces curve around that hill. The sides of the terraces are about 1/20 of the total image height. The flat part between terrace sides is about 1/3 the height of each terrace side on the side of the hill facing the viewer. On the left side of the hill, the width of the flats are 2-3 times the height of the terrace sides. Terrace sides are 083080043 at the top and 075075041 at the bottom. The terrace sides cast a shadow on the flat grass. The shadowed grass is 090093050 and the unshadowed grass is 193192036. Following roughly the same curve as the hill but halfway down is a patch of trees represented by a rough leaf texture with the same colors.

The next closest hill slightly smaller terrace measurements. Colors are a tiny bit less saturated and lower in contrast. It starts at 2/3 from the left off the previous hill. It ends along the right edge of the image 1/10 from the top. There are narrow, slightly conical trees covering the top ¾ of the hill. About half extend slightly above the hill. The tops of the trees are slightly lighter than the bright parts of grass of the hill. The shadowed lower parts are the same colors as the shadowed parts of the hill.

There are two more hills in the distance. Use 122117078 and 097092066 for both hills. The next one is a slightly bumpy diagonal starting 1/3 from the top on the right and ending at ½ of the width at the top of the image. The terraces are nearly horizontal, curling up slightly on the left side of the hill. On the left side the grass is lighter; use 131131075. There is a roughly textured strip about 1/6 of the image’s height starting from the bottom 1/3 of that hill down. Imaging a line curving from the top left of the rough patch to the lower right, forming the arc of a quarter circle. From that line upwards to the top of the rough patch is some trees. The are slightly conical like the ones before. There are also similar trees growing in a patch at the top of the hill. Let the top patch be everything upwards from a line at the rightmost edge of the hill going 45 degrees southeast. Use lighter colors and lower contrast near image top.

The farthest hill has entirely horizontal lines. The sides of the terrace are the same thickness as the flats. There is a roughly textured part on the hill starting a tiny bit above the left edge of the previous hill and curving up to ¼ of the top of the image from the left in the shape of the curvy side of a kidney bean.

There are five farmers wearing black pants, red long sleeve shirts, with black hair pulled into low buns walking in a line on the closest hill.  All have brown baskets on their backs. Baskets are cylindrical but wider at the top. The baskets are slightly wider than the people. The grass goes up to the farmers’ mid-thigh. They are walking to the left, evenly spaced, spanning the middle fifth of the image, and span from top of that hill to 1/6 of that hill’s height down.


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