Yelim Kim: 1001 words description

The image is a vertical rectangle and the point of view is by a person looking down below their waist. The two figures, A and B, are both cropped out enough to be unidentifiable. The idea of the image is that Figure A is leaning against a rock, and Figure B has one foot leaning against the same rock, while reaching to put an egg inside one of the holes of the ripped jeans of Figure A.

Figure A is leaning against a rock with their legs crossed, the left leg’s outer side (just above the ankle), putting weight on the right leg’s shin. Only the bottom of their shirt and legs are showing. In between the legs, there is a half-filled blue Gatorade bottle with an orange cap. The figure starts at the top of the image with edge of the shirt touching the top left corner. They are wearing a grey shirt that is folded up evenly at the edge, like a hem. There are multiple hues of greys in the shirt goes in a horizontal form.

The jeans are a light shade of blue, and is not too tightly fit, but it is also not too loose. Judging from the ratio between the width of the legs and the height, the figure does not seem taller than 5’ 3” unless they have a long torso, which the viewer cannot see anyway. The right leg has a hole at the front of the thigh, from the bottom of the pocket to the top of the knee, a hole big enough that almost the entirety of the width of the leg show. The bottom right side of the pocket is also showing behind the rip.  It is white and nothing is in it.  Figure A has fairly smoonth ski, but has two splotches of darker skin right below where the pocket is, and about 2 inches below the corner of the pocket. The skin is tan, not too dark, but not pale. The right leg also has a small hole below the knee, and the left leg has a hole just below the middle of the pelvis and the knee. All three holes do not have any dangling threads, but the cloth around the hole is white. Below the pocket of the right leg, next to the hole, the jeans have a dark bluish and charcoal tones. The jeans also have wrinkles and folds with a darker shade of blue where the joints are between the thighs and pelvis meet, the area behind the knee, and around the ankles. However, the right ankle is not showing because the left leg is crossed over it.

Figure A’s also has a yellow strip of cloth behind her, possibly a strap from a backpack. The shoes of the figure is light brown, without any laces or straps. The back of the right foot is not shown because the left leg and shoe hide it. Only the side of the shin and left leg is showing. The right shoe is seen from above because it is flat on the ground, and on the shoe there is a line goes through the middle vertically. The line splits into two lines once is goes past an inch behind where the toes start. In between the two lines is a burnt umber color of cloth. The left shoe’s back and inner side is only shown because of the perspective and the position of the leg. The outsole of the shoe is dark grey and rubber and the heel part of the bottom is about an inch thick which is thicker than the front part of the outsole. The shoes are clean and soft.

Figure B only has their left arm and leg visible in the image. The leg is stretched leaning the bottom of the shoe on the rock. Because of this, it looks like the viewer/camera is looking straight at the leg with barely any foreshortening. The rock is almost like a geometrical shape and seems to have four main planes. If the four planes shared a corner like a tilted pyramid, the corner would be facing Figure B, and Figure B’s foot would be leaning on one of the edges (where two planes meet), very close to the corner. Figure B is wearing black leggings that stick to the form of her calf. Part of the socks show, and it is mainly light blue, but a bit more purple than Figure A’s jeans, and it has little figures spots of color that are red, yellow, and brown. The shoes are completely black also, and has laces. The laces go through six holes in total, tied at the end, and the front of the shoe has a few scratches that have turned white. The outsole of this shoe sticks out about half a centimeter from the end of the actual shoe. The outsole is about an inch thick, and because of the perspective, the viewer cannot tell how thick the heel is.

Figure B is wearing a denim jacket that is folded up about twice on the sleeves. Only the lower part of the arm is showing, with the hand holding a light brown egg, lighter than the skin of Figure A, and seems to be attempting to place the egg in the huge hole in the Figure A’s jeans’ thigh hole. The skin tone of Figure B is lighter than Figure A’s skin but darker than the egg.

Right below the shin of Figure B is a patch of plants that are in between the greyish sidewalk. They look like long strips of green some that are flat and wide, and some that are thin with a fuzzy part on the top, that is more light green than the rest. There are also brown leaves on the ground and the soil can be seen a little. The patch of plants stretch from the bottom of the image all the way to below Figure A’s shins.


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