Ema Furusho: 1001 Word Image

This image is of a contemporary artist in his studio, surrounded by his works. There are three paintings, three sculptures, the artist himself, and a desk covered in paints and painting supplies. There are two, large paintings leaning against a bare concrete studio wall in the background. In front of the two large paintings in the background, there is a standing, colored sculpture. To the left of the standing sculpture is  the work desk, and to the right, a crouching sculpture. Leaning on the standing sculpture, in front of it, is a smaller painting. The painting is barely visible because the artist is sitting directly in front of it. And finally, in the foreground, there is another crouching sculpture.

In all of his visible works the artist depicts himself naked with an exaggerated smiling expression. The eyes are shut tightly, creating laughter lines, the muscles in the faces flex in a very youthful but strained way. Their mouths are open comically wide, revealing an uncanny amount of teeth. The head of each of the figures in the artworks are oversized, with extremely short cropped hair (close to none?a buzz cut?) and ears that stick out slightly.

The artist himself, who’s face is in the relative venter of the entire image (body follows), imitates the expression that his depictions take. The artist, sits on a one-legged metal stool, he is dressed casually, in a blue t-shirt with red trimming around the neck and arm holes, loose grey linen pants and a pair of brown loafers. The t-shirt has a printed image that cannot be seen clearly in the photo. The artist’s body faces towards (but not directly) the left edge of the photo. He sits with his legs crossed loosely. The artists’s head is thrown back, mimicking the smiling expression that he has produced in all of his works. His right arm is raised loosely, as if to be gesturing at the works around himself, and he uses his left arm to support his right-leaning torso to the chair.

In the foreground of the picture, in front of the artist, there is a sculpture of a male figure with grey skin. It sits just right of the center, towards the bottom edge of the photo. The sculpture depicts the caricature version of the artist as his other works in the picture do. This figure, sits crouched in a squatting position, both feet flat on the floor with its arms around its knees. This figure faces away from the from the viewer of the picture, and almost at the artist. It is almost completely naked, except for a speedo-esque underwear. Similar to the flexed features on the other depictions’ faces, the back of this sculpture has exaggerated, flexed features.

The same sculpture made in a lighter tone of grey sits, this time facing the viewer of the photo, to the right of the artist. Since it faces forward, the smiling expression is visible. It assumes the same crouching position as the other, however, sits on top of a small wooden plank. Everything but the head seems to be of natural proportions.

Behind and to the left of the artist is his work desk. It is made of wood, and is shaped more like a cube than a traditional ‘table’. The wood grains can be seen lightly. There is a mini stool with four legs on the right side of the desk. The stool is made of the same wood as the table, with similar grain patterns showing. The stool can be seen behind the metal stool that the artist is sitting on. It is about half the height of the metal stool. The top of the table is cluttered with painting supplies such as tubes and bottles of paint, bottles of water, mixing palettes and plates, a bucket, and other miscellaneous supplies. A part of the desk is hidden by the artist’s crossed leg.

The standing sculpture behind the artist is hidden by the painting and artist in front of it, except its upper torso and head. It has the same smiling expression as the others, and faces slightly to the right to the photo. Unlike the other two sculptures, this one has a t-shirt on and is painted a fleshy pink color. The small painting that is leaning on the standing sculpture has similar fleshy pink hues as well as a baby blue background. However, the subject matter of the painting is unclear because the artist sits in front of it, blocking the majority of the painting.

The two large paintings in the background lean against a bare concrete wall. The wall is barely visible due to the size of the two paintings. The painting to the right is the largest, and covers about two thirds of the back wall space. The left painting covers the remaining third, but is not as tall as the other, and leaves a space of exposed wall above it. In addition, the left painting is partially covered by the desk and materials in front of it.

The left paintings depicts the smiling man in a exaggerated flashy pink tone. The figure faces squarely to the viewer and has its left arm on its right shoulder. There is a sketchy tree with white leaves behind the man, spreading from the left side. The background is a baby blue slightly lighter than the small painting’s.

In the largest painting, there are two pink figures, both with the smiling face. One is in the distant background, in a playful running pose, wile the other faces the audience squarely, with its arms crossed as if to be clutching its stomach from laughter. The landscape is of a simplified pond area. The figure in front stands on a rock in the pond, while the figure in the distance runs in a grassy area behind the pond. There are rocks bordering the pond and the colors used are soft, almost pastel.


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